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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Funny Car Pictures

Pig Car Pictures

A collection of cool cars and vans inspired by pigs!

Thong Car

Check out this cool thong car! A refreshing take on the popular 'I wish my girlfriend/wife was this dirty' commonly written on cars that haven't had a car wash in months.

One for the boys!

This cool car picture is one for the boys, sorry girls!

(Click pictureto enlarge)

OTT Religious Car

The odd car sticker is cool, but this car owner isn’t going to take any chances. The rapture is coming after all.. and if you don’t prepare for it, God will show no mercy!

Click to enlarge

Cool Turtle Car

How cool is this turtle car! A VW Beetle pimped to perfection.

Halloween Cars

Collection of Halloween cars from around the world. Some are scary than others but good effort everybody! Happy Halloween!

Hot Girls Car Broken

A sexy babe has broken down in her Jeep! You drive past and thank god for your luck and take these pictures before any help is offered to her...nice.

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