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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fast Cars

Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World

As a lover of fast cool cars, we have created the top 10 fastest cars in the world. Many believe the Bugatti Veyron to be the worlds fastest production car which is incorrect. It actually comes in 4th position so starting at 10th position and working our way down, here are the 10 fastest cars in the world...

10th Fastest Car in the World = Jaguar XJ220 - 227mph

9th Fastest Car in the World = Ultima GT-R640 - 231mph

8th Fastest Car in the World = TVR Cebera Speed 12 - 240mph

7th Fastest Car in the World = Mclaren F1 - 240mph

6th Fastest Car in the World = Koenigsegg CCX - 241mph

5th Fastest Car in the World = Saleen S7 Twin Turbo - 248mph

4th Fastest Car in the World = Bugatti Veyron - 253mph

3rd Fastest Car in the World = Koenigsegg CCXR- 254mph

2nd Fastest Car in the World = Porsche GT9 - 254mph

The Fastest Car In The World Is....

So we've gone through the top 10, and here is the fastest car in the world, the Shelby Super Cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero. The 1287 hp V8 powers this carbon fibre clad "Hyper-car" all the way to 257mph! It gets to 60 mph in 2.78 seconds, and will power it's way down a 1/4 mile strip in 9.9 seconds. This is one FAST car!

Number 1 Fastest Car in the World = Shelby Super Cars (SSC) Ultimate Aero - 257mph

Video of the SSC Ultimate Aero

Interesting to know that SSC are working on (and will be producing) the Ultimate Aero EV. This will be the first 200mph+ electric car powered by a single 500bhp electric motor. It's worth mentioning that SSC are playing around with bolting 2 of their 500bhp motors together for a 100hp electric Hyper-car. Who says you can't have an economical Hypercar?

Check out the rest of this cool cars blog for more cool cars or check out the fast cool cars blog.

Tramontana R Edition - Pictures and Video

The super cool, super quick Tramontana R Edition car is an evolved version of the standard open-wheel 2 seater, packing a Mercedes-sourced 5.5-liter V12 available in either naturally aspirated, 550 hp guise or a twin-turbocharged 760 hp version that dolls out an astonishing 811 lb-ft of torque. It does 0-100 kph in 3.6 seconds and gets 200 kph in a 10.15-second run. Price tag is a credit busting €385,000 but its one hell of a cool car as these pictures and video below show.

Fastest Cars in the world 2008-2009

Here are 10 of the worlds fastest cars of 2008-2009 available on the market and measured by their top speeds.

1. SSC Ultimate Aero
257 mph+, 0-60 in 2.7 secs. Twin-Turbo V8 Engine with 1183 hp, base price is $654,400. Tested in March 2007 by Guinness world records, the SSC Ultimate Aero takes the lead as the fastest car in the world beating Bugatti Veyron.

Fastest Car In The World SSC Ultimate Aero

Promo Video of SSC Ultimate Aero

2. Bugatti Veyron
253 mph+, 0-60 in 2.5 secs. Aluminum, Narrow Angle W16 Engine with 1001 hp, base price is $1,444,000. With the highest price tag, no wonder this is rank #2.

Bugatti Veyron most expensive car in the world

3. Koenigsegg CCX
250 mph+, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. 90 Degree V8 Engine 806 hp, base price is $695,000. Made in Sweden, it is expected to take #1 spot in the future.

Koenigsegg CCX

4. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
248 mph+, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. Twin Turbo All Aluminum V8 Engine with 750 hp, base price is $555,000. Smooth and bad-รกลกลก, will make you want to show it off non-stop.

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

5. McLaren F1
240 mph+, 0-60 in 3.2 secs. BMW S70/2 60 Degree V12 Engine with 627 hp, base price is $970,000.

Mclaren F1

6. Ferrari Enzo
217 mph+, 0-60 in 3.4 secs. F140 Aluminum V12 Engine with 660 hp, base price is $670,000. Only 399 ever produced, the price goes up every time someone crashes.

Ferrari Enzo

7. Jaguar XJ220
217 mph+, 0-60 in 4.0 secs. Twin Turbo V6 Engine with 542 hp, base price is $345,000. Made in 1992, this car still got what it takes to make the list.

Jaguar XJ 220

8. Pagani Zonda F
215 mph+, 0-60 in 3.5 secs. Mercedes Benz M180 V12 Engine with 650 hp, base price is $741,000. With a V12 motor, this baby can do much better.

Pagani Zonda F

9. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
213 mph+, 0-60 in 3.3 secs. V12 Engine with 640 hp, base price is $430,000. Nice piece of art, the design is very round and smooth.

Lamborghini Murcielago

10. Porsche Carrera GT
209 mph+, 0-60 in 3.9 secs. Aluminum, 68 Degree, Water Cooled V10 Engine with 612 hp, base price is $440,000. The Porsche most expensive car made the list as #10.

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera Gembella Mirage GT

The Porsche Carrera Gembella Mirage GT is one cool car!

For some collectors, supercars like the Porsche Carrera GT just are not exclusive enough; after all there are 1269 other examples to steal their thunder. To cater for these enthusiasts' needs Porsche tuner Gemballa developed the Mirage GT. The German company already announced their intent to take a stab at the Carrera GT shortly after the first examples were delivered, but apparently nobody wanted to be the first to hand over their car. So for many, many months the Gemballa Mirage GT existed as an artist impression only, but more recently the much anticipated customized Carrera GTs finally appeared.

Compared to most other Gemballa modified Porsches, the Mirage GT remains remarkably close to the original Porsche mechanics, which were obviously hard to improve. The biggest change to the drivetrain is the addition of two turbochargers together with a custom stainless steel exhaust system to the V10 engine. These offer only a modest performance increase of 60 bhp and 20 Nm. Customers can no doubt increase the boost to get even more power out of the engine, but who really needs more than 700 bhp in a car as light as the Carrera GT. The modifications have cut the 0 - 60 time by a whopping 0.1 seconds to 3.8 seconds.

A quick glance is sufficient to distinguish the Mirage GT from the understated Carrera GT. The bumper and the nose of the Mirage GT feature a plethora of new air scoops, which can impossibly be beneficial to the car's performance. At the rear the second exhaust pipe on each side is the biggest departure from the original design. A massive rear wing is fitted complete with an integrated air brake that pops up under heavy braking. The body kit is literally topped off by a large air-scoop on the roof, which feeds air directly to the engine. As the large ducts block the view through the rear window, a small camera is fitted behind the cockpit.

Retailing for € 229,800 (not including the donor Porsche), the Mirage GT package is certainly not for the financially impaired. Then again they would be in the market for a Carrera GT either. Of course each of the 25 Mirage GTs expected to be built can be tailored to the customers needs to ensure absolute exclusivity. We have already spotted an example with very tasteful gold trim. The featured example is number 012 with a matte grey finish and yellow accents looked surprisingly well.

Video of the GT Gemella Mirage

Cool Police Cars from around the World

A collection of fast cool police cars from around the world. Ever wondered what happens to your money when you get a speeding ticket? They splash out on cars like these, that's what they do!

Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car
From the country that has the world’s greatest concentration of supercar manufacturers comes the world’s fastest cop car.

Yes, the lucky Italian cops have a Lamborghini Gallardo at their disposal, a genuine police car used by the Italian Carabinieri to patrol the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway outside Rome. Prime hunting ground indeed, because its 5.0-litre V10 will grant it 193mph flat out and a tarmac-ruining 0-60mph time of around four seconds. But it isn’t just a patrol car for chasing wrung-out Fiats, Alfa Romeos and the occasional Ferrari.
The Police-liveried Gallardo also doubles as a super-fast response car, with the ability to be the first on the scene of a serious accident. It carries life saving medical equipment such as a defibrillator to revive car crash victims, and is used as a high-speed shuttle to transport organs between hospitals. Best of all is that with four-wheel-drive sending all 500 horses into the road, the Gallardo patrol car can be used all year round in all weathers.

Ferrari 250 GT Police Car
Believe anything Hollywood says and you’ll already be thinking all the cool coppers drive around in Ferraris – they certainly do in Magnum, Miami Vice and Bad Boys 2. But back in the ‘60s the Italian police drove one for real.

The lucky driver’s name was Marshal Armando Spatafora, something of a legend in Rome it seems, and his car was a 250 GTE. Together, they patrolled the streets of Rome for nearly a decade, hunting down serious criminals in the kind of heroic chases Hollywood directors would kill for.
For its day, the car was seriously quick, with a 240bhp engine that could sling-shot it speedily round the tight Roman streets. As you’d expect, no car of the day stood a chance, especially as the GTE shared its roots with the 250 GTO, one of Ferrari’s finest supercars and racers. The 250 GTE was also the first mass-produced four-seat Ferrari, so there was actually a bit of space to stick any arrestees. But it looked so damn cool you’d probably want to commit some crime just to see it in action. These days it's as rare as a straight politician but the actual car used still survives in a museum of police cars in Rome.

Porsche 911 TechArt Police Car
Next time you’re tearing along the Autobhan and forget to slow down for a restricted area, just be aware that the German police have a fleet of Porsche 911s at their disposal, the granddaddy of them all being this TechArt-enhanced 911 Carrera S.

And you really don’t want to mess with it. The 3.8-litre engine has been tuned by TechArt to give 367bhp – that’s enough to get it to 60mph in 4.7 seconds and on to a 186mph max – or in other words, unless you’re in a supercar and you’re slightly unhinged, you don’t stand a chance. Nice work if you can get it…

More Cool Police Cars from around the World
Here are some more cool police cars from around the world.

Finally, obviously not real but the Bugatti Veyron would be worth joining the police for!

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