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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Chris Evans splashes a cool £12 million on Ferrari car

Chris Evans has splashed out on a new car..a cool £12 million ($17 million) on a vintage Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder! It is now the most expensive car bought in Britain.

The 44-year-old Radio 2 DJ, who is known for his admiration of expensive sports cars, sold three Ferraris from his collection to pay for the 1963 model. The car cost £6,000 when it was first sold 47 years ago.

Chris Evans is a huge Ferrari fan and owns a fleet of classic and new models, most of which are white. The list includes a 250GT SWB, a 250 GT Lusso, a 275 GTB quad cam, a 288 GTO, a 308GTS, an F40, a 246 Dino, a 599 GTB, and a new California.

Chris Evans famously paid £5.5 million for a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder which used to be owned by Hollywood actor James Coburn.

Only 36 of the 174mph top speed racing cars were made. The car has five manual gears and does zero to 60 in 6.1 seconds.

Gold Ferrari

Check out these pictures of this cool gold Ferrari for the ultimate car paint...for the ultimate show off.

Ferrari 458 Italia Pictures and Videos

Ferrari has confirmed that the car, codenamed F142 and long rumoured to be named the F450, will be called the 458 Italia. The name derives from the powerplant: a 4.5-litre V8 which Ferrari claims has the highest specific output of any normally aspirated car engine.

Cool Ferrari Wallpapers

A cool collection of Ferrari pictures that make awesome pc desktop wallpapers.

Cool Gold Cars

There's nothing like a cool gold car to let everyone know you're not short of cash! Featuring Gold versions from Porsche, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari and many more....

Gold Porsche 911 turbo
This Porsche 911 turbo is also from Russia. His owner was not satisfied with the auto at the cost of $200.000 and he decided to cover it with golden plates.

Twenty kilograms of pure gold was spent on this Porsche 911 tuning. But even this seemed not enough to the owner and the famous Russian designer Denis Simachiev used Russian traditions in the design of this model having painted it with gold using Khokhloma method. The cost of this unique auto is not being told to public.

Gold BMW 5 Series
Check out this gold BMW 5 Series!

More Golden Greats.....
Starting with this stunning gold Bugatti, how cool is this car!

The Gold Ferrari is one of our favorites....

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