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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cool Cars

Cool Lamborghini Concept Car - Minotauro

Pictures of the super cool Lamborghini Minotauro concept design by Andrei Avarvarii. Minotauro (Italian for “minotaur”) was in the Greek mythology a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man. It was chosen as a name for the car after a brainstorming that identified one distinctive feature of the Lamborghini cars. That they are beasts you fight and let you live to tell the tale.

Hennessey Venom GT - Pictures and Video

Showcasing cool pictures of the Hennessey Venom GT sports car. The basic ingredients of this cool car are one flyweight mid-engine Lotus Elise, which normally has a 190bhp Toyota engine, mix with equal parts tuned LS9; stretch, poke, and slam, and what do you have? A 2,400lb mid-engined carbon-fibre rocketship with a 725bhp V8 as the base engine. Let me reiterate: a Lotus Elise with 725bhp.

Hennessey Venom GT Road Test Video

Hennessey Venom GT Pictures

Knight XV - A Cool SUV

In terms of cool SUVs, the Knight XV is a real head turner and so is the price at $295,000. Knight XV is bulletproof and you can get it with a minibar option. Conquest Vehicle Inc's flagship vehicle, the Knight XV defines the future of the ultra-luxurious, handcrafted fully armoured SUV. This one-of-a-kind, V10, 6.8-litre, Bio-fuel powered SUV was inspired by military vehicle designs and features security appointments that are unrivaled in today's SUV marketplace.

Only 100 of these cool SUVs will be made will be made available as a limited first run. Each vehicle takes 1,500 hours to build by hand. The SUV is built using ballistic hardened steel making it fully armoured including ballistic fiberglass fenders, bumper and up to 64 mm. (2.5 inches) transparent armor (glass).

Check out their website for further details [Link]

VW Adidas Car - Golf GTI Excessive

Check out this cool car! Adidas have teamed up with VW GTI to create the aptly named 'Golf GTI Excessive'. Starting in June, Volkswagen, GTI and adidas will for the first time meld into a combined product as the Golf GTI adidas. The essential fact is that the GTI’s technology and styling – and its interior customised in the style of the adidas brand – are brought together to produce a real dynamic mix. Volkswagen expect the Golf GTI adidas to attain collectible status very quickly, given the past history of models such as the two Golf Pirelli GTIs (1983 and 2007) and the Golf GTI Edition 30 (2006). Check out the pictures and videos of this cool car here.

Like each of these limited-edition models, the new Golf GTI adidas will also launch with wide-ranging customised exterior and interior features. They include newly designed 18-inch “Serron” alloy wheels and a specially developed sport seat design. As on the Golf R, bi-xenon headlights and LED rear lights are aboard as standard equipment.

Cool Citroen DS3 Car - Pictures and Videos

As cool cars go, the Citroen DS3 is offically cool! It has been named one of the coolest things in the world in a new poll from Stuff magazine. Stuff included the cool car in its annual list of the 15 coolest things on the planet, becoming the only car manufacturer to appear on the 2010 list. The cool stuff list puts the DS3 alongside a number of cool products such as the Apple iPad, Dysons revolutionary bladeless fan and innovative technological advancements from augmented reality to the Hipstamatic iPhone app. Here we features pictures and videos of this cool car.

Citroen DS3 Pictures
A collection of cool pictures of the Citroen DS3 starting with the super cool Citroen DS3 Sport

Here are more cool pictures of the Citroen DS3

Check out more pictures of the Citroen DS3 at

Cool Citroen DS3 Videos

John Lennon Citroen DS3 Video

Marilyn Monroe Citroen DS3 Video

5th Gear Citroën DS3 Road Test

Top Gear Discuss Citroën DS3

Citroën DS3 1.6 THP Sport Chic test drive (In French sorry!)

Cool Citroen DS3 Features

DS3 Style

Citroën’s creative talent for innovative vehicle design manifests itself on every feature of the Citroën DS3. From all angles, the car’s undeniable on-road presence and refreshing style is evident with stand-out elements such as the colour-contrasted ‘floating roof’, ‘shark fin’ B-pillar and sleek design of the front LED lights – a desirable feature usually seen on premium models.

Inside, the atmosphere in the cabin is one of class and contemporary elegance with an exceptional attention to detail and an extensive use of luxury materials such as leather and chrome. The upper part of the flowing dashboard echoes the floating roof. Thermo-coated components are used throughout – an organic, soft grain material, which contrasts perfectly with the smooth, lacquered effect of the strip runs the full width of the dash from driver to passenger side.

Personalize your DS3 car!

Offering freedom of expression, the innovative Citroën DS3 provides extensive levels of personalisation – both inside and out. In addition to a range of body shades, the Citroën DS3′s distinctive ‘floating’ roof is available in a choice of four colours – Black, White, Blue and Red – to contrast with the main body of the car. The wing mirrors and rubbing strips can also be personalised in colours or smart chrome finish and the wheels and wheel centres are available in a wide spectrum of colours.

Inside, Citroën DS3 can offer further personalisation with the dashboard strip – which encompasses the air vents, instrument cluster, multi-function screens and even a scented air-fresher – in a choice of six finishes.

The modern seat upholstery design is available in a variety of coloured fabrics and leather; even the gear knob can be tailored in five different trims, combining satin-finish chrome with an array of colours and leather. The smart chrome touches which adorn the Citroën DS3′s cabin will also be available in a satin-textured finish. You can even carry a bit of your Citroën DS3 with you thanks to each distinctly styled Citroën DS3 key fob featuring a disc coloured to match your choice of body paint.

DS3 is Energy Efficient and Elegant

Proving that environmentally-considerate motoring doesn’t mean having to compromise on style or performance, the Citroën DS3 will be available with a choice of five CO2-efficient Euro V power plants consisting of two HDi diesel units and three BMW co-developed petrol engines, combining refined performance with strong fuel economy.

The two HDi diesels – a 90bhp and an 110bhp – are fitted with Citroën’s lauded DPFS (Diesel Particulate Filter System) and the three petrol engines – VTi 95, VTi 120 and THP 150 – are fitted with either 5 or 6 speed manual gearboxes.

Fully in line with Citroën’s commitment to producing cleaner, more environmentally considerate vehicles, the two HDi DPFS engines will deliver ultra low CO2 emissions of just 99g/km and 115/g km, whilst the petrol units will emit between 136/km and 160g/km.

DS3 has Space

Both enjoyable and easy to live with, the Citroën DS3 combines high-end style with practical versatility, creating an exceptionally spacious cabin out of its compact external dimensions – a Citroën speciality.

One of the smallest vehicles in its class – 3.95m long, 1.71m wide and 1.46m high – the Citroën DS3′s interior belies its neat frame, setting a new class standard for spaciousness. The result of extensive work on the architecture of the car’s interior design, occupants can enjoy levels of roominess normally associated with models in the segment above.

A ‘raised’ dashboard design creates increased amounts of front leg room whilst the slender front seats and intelligent rear design increases space for rear occupants with all passengers able to enjoy five full-sized seats and ample arm, leg and headroom.

The Citroën DS3 also boasts the largest boot in its class at 285-litres, and for additional load capacity the 60:40 split-fold rear bench can be tumbled forward in a single, effortless movement.

DS3 is Fun

A cool cockpit-inspired driving position puts the driver firmly in control with a sports-styled instrument cluster featuring three conical dials, small-diameter wheel and low-slung, body-hugging seats. Citroën DS3 delivers a nimble driving experience with a turning circle of around 10.3m also making it a surefooted companion for manoeuvring around cramped urban environments.

Building upon Citroën’s extensive experience in producing smooth running-gear, Citroën DS3 delivers impressive ride comfort together with responsive road-handling and dynamic poise. Drivers also benefit from excellent body roll control, responsive and confident cornering thus providing a secure and fulfilling drive.

DS3 has Cool Technology

Citroën DS3 is available with Citroën’s latest in-car technology such as the integrated MyWay satellite navigation unit which incorporates a sophisticated audio and multimedia system, wide format colour screen, MP3 and WMA compatible CD player and Bluetooth® hands free kit. Providing exceptional acoustic clarity, the audio system benefits from a third speaker in the middle of the upper dashboard as well as an amplified subwoofer mounted in the boot for a broader frequency response and immersive audio experience.

A convenient range of driving aids will also be available including cruise control with speed limiter, and an intelligent indicator which recommends the optimal moment for gear changes allowing drivers to improve their fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

DS3 is Safe

The Citroën DS3 is designed with an emphasis on robustness, strength and optimum safety to ensure protection for all occupants. For reassuring control in any driving situation Citroën DS3 models will feature as standard ESP, ABS with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) as well as six airbags and Isofix anchor points on the rear side seats.

Bugatti Veyron - Cool Car Desktop Pictures

A collection of cool Bugatti Veyron car desktop wallpaper pictures for those of us who can't afford one...we can dream!

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