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Monday, June 28, 2010

Car Gadgets

Cool Car Sofas

A collection of cool car sofas using car parts to create living room comfort!

BMW and Alpine 'Sinister Six' Car

A BMW 645 convertible, modified by Alpine and named Sinister Six. This car is equipped with 26-inch wheels, 7 monitors and four 12″ sub woofers and seven 4″ speakers.

The car started life as an $83,000 BMW 645Ci and was transformed into one of the most amazing demo vehicles ever! This car has made it's rounds to many different shows, so those that have had the pleasure of seeing it in person can attest to its sheer brilliance.

It's hard to choose just which aspect of this car is more amazing.... The motorized entry and exit? The LCD screen taillights? The fact that it has no steering wheel, just a steering knob? The 26x13 rear wheels? I could keep going. One thing the Alpine guys did people is that this car has one of the most expensive remote start systems ever.

Since the car was so new, no bypass module was available to integrate with the factory alarm system, so the team had relocate the factory ignition switch, leave a key in it, and the use a motorized actuator to remotely turn the key in order to start the car!!

Full specification on Alpine website

BMW Sinister Six Videos

iChange - iPhone Car

iChange car by Ringspped is a seriously cool's a gadget lovers dream! If you’re the type who might forget your keys but not your iPhone, Swiss car design maker Rinspeed is rolling out a concept car for you. The car will be on show this week at the Geneva Motor Show (8th March 2009).

Called iChange, it features a no-key ignition that starts via an iPhone. The device clips onto the dash, once the phone is inserted, a green “start” button appears on the iPhone’s display. With a touch of a button, the iChange purrs to life. From the iPhone, drivers can also control stuff like headlights, too.

View iChange videos here

But the name iChange isn’t limited to the iPhone ignition. The car also adapts to the number of passengers: “In seconds a streamlined one-seater sports car transforms into a comfortable car with ample room for three. The trick: At the push of a button, the rear end of the teardrop-shaped car magically pops up.”

More details, pictures and video on the Rinspeed website.

The iChange debuts on the 8th March at the Geneva motor show.

Cardok - hidden parking space!

Check out this cool creative custom car elevator by Cardok that turns a residential patio into a hidden parking space.

The design can carry a great deal of weight, making the top platform suitable for traversing and gathering when not in use. It is powerful enough to even turn one parking space into two.

While many of us may not be able to afford such a luxurious hydraulic design of this kind for our own cars, it's certainly a good space saving solution where space can cost more than the clever technologies developed to save it.

Visit the Cardok website to find out more at

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