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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cars and Girls

Girls and Cars

A cool collection of hot girls and cars pictures. We love them both!

9 Hot Girls, 1 Uncool Car!

So why are nine hot girls posing in front of a uncool bog standard Peugeot car? Any guesses? See the answer below.

Okay I've found out why the girls were hanging around an uncool car and not a Bugatti Veyron. It's because these girls are the Flux Babes and are the promotional girls for Adrian Flux Car Insurance Services. Here are some more of their pictures....

To find out more about Flux Babes visit

Cool Car Cool Girl

A cool car and a cool girl picture. Not sure which is hotter, the car or the girl. Okay the girl!

Megan Fox - Cars and Bikes

Megan Fox pictured with cars...and some motorbikes!

I'm not a fan of motorbikes but Megan Fox makes motorbikes look cool too!

Grid Girls

A collection of Grid Girls and Pit Babes photos showing why they bring so much joy to motor racing!

More Pictures of Grid Girls and Pit Girls from car races around the world.

Hot Grid Girls Video

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